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Kit Contents: Part #7910THU
(plus color code)
    Only 7500 made!

    Note: 1979 Daytona 500
    Pace car door decals
    are available.

  • 1 Hood bird ("superbird")
  • 2 Wingtips (fender extensions)
  • 1 Trans Am spoiler name
  • 2 Trans Am fender names
  • 1 Trans Am front bumper name
  • 2 Limited edition fender logos
  • 1 Limited edition spoiler logo
  • 2 6.6 Litre shaker decals
    (T/A 6.6 sold separately)
  • 2 "4 Wheel Disc" brakes door handle decals
  • Door Handle Tape Stripe Insert Set
  • 1 Front bumper center stripe
  • 2 Front bumper outer stripes
  • 1 Front center spoiler stripe
  • 2 Front wheel opening spoiler stripes
  • 2 Front wheel opening stripes
  • 2 Fender extractor stripes
  • 2 Door front stripes
  • 2 Mirror stripes
  • 2 Door rear stripes
  • 2 Rear wheel opening spoiler stripes
  • 2 Rear wheel opening stripes
  • 2 Spoiler extension upper stripes
  • 1 Spoiler center front upper stripe
  • 1 Roof stripe
  • 2 Hatch roof side molding stripes
  • 2 Spoiler extension rear lower stripes
  • 2 Back window side stripes
  • 1 Back window rear stripe
  • 1 Rear spoiler center rear lower stripe
  • 1 Rear bumper center stripe
  • 2 Rear bumper quarter stripes
  • Squeegee, instructions and striping diagram

Color Choices:Color Code

5 shades of Silver with Red highlightsSilver

The 1979 10th Anniversary Second Generation Trans Am was the pace car for the Daytona Nascar Race and was the last year it carried the coveted 400 & 403CI; 6.6 Litre engine. Our Phoenix Graphix ONE-PIECE 10th Anniversary Hood Bird (plus wingtips) Ultimate kits are GM Restoration Parts. Its drop-dead gorgeous styling and all the standard upgrades provided this model; it is one of the highest valued Trans Ams. This is the most accurate & complete 10th Anniversary Trans Am Kit ever assembled with all pieces produced to original specifications. Be sure to get the T/A 6.6 hood scoop decals if you have the 400ci manual transmission. Our exact reproductions are silk screened with highest quality inks and material is 2ml, High Performance, Automotive Grade Vinyl. Slide-On® is highly recommended for ease of application. Purchase from a name you can trust; Phoenix Graphix and remember; "Any Decal, Any Car, Any Year!"

Click here for the 1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary Decal Kit

Click here for the 1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary Stripes Only Kit

Check to include
on your order
 1979 Trans Am 10th Anniversary Ultimate Kit (includes everything above)Call
1979 "T/A 6.6" Engine Designations (sold in pairs) (not included in above kit)$19 w/kit
$39 w/o kit
1979 "Daytona 500" Door Decal Kit (P/N 1979DD)$169 w/Kit
$209 w/o kit
1979 Assembly Line Decal Kit$69 w/ Kit
$99 w/o Kit
"4-Wheel Disc" Brakes Door Handle Decals -- Gold, White, Charcoal, Orange, Blue (Pair)$9
1970-81 GM Door Handle Tape Stripe Inserts (Pair) – Matches OEM Car Color. Required For All Deluxe-Interior Optioned Vehicles!$9
Correct "Unleaded Fuel Only" Decal (Black/Silver)$5 w/ Kit
$8 w/o Kit
1970-81 Trans Am Instrument Panel Dash Bezel Decal -- Gold, Silver
4-Hole (Rally Gauges & HVAC) or 2-Hole (Rally Gauges only)
$29 w/kit
$39 w/o kit
Discontinued1979 GM Technical Decal Kit (12-23 pieces) 

or Call (800) 941-4550 to Order
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