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Phoenix Graphix Frequently Asked Question


Can I apply these decals myself or do I need a professional?
A squeegee and detailed application instructions are included with each order.  Our SLIDE-ON® Application Gel is recommended and makes all applications much easier.

Do you make custom decals?
We offer a large variety of custom graphics on our website under the “custom” section.  In some cases we can produce OEM style decals in custom colors or make slight modifications to existing decals/stripes to suit your needs.

How do you ship?
We ship via FedEx. 

Do you ship to Canada?
Yes.  We ship worldwide.

How long will it take to receive my order?
From the day your order is placed we quote 5-10 business days.  Three day, two day and overnight services are also available for most products at additional cost.

What do I do if my decal kit is incomplete or damaged when I receive it?
Contact us immediately.  DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING.  If any of the decal kit is applied prior to contacting us, applicator assumes full responsibility.


Do you have exact placement instructions for my decal?
Many of our kits are templated to ensure proper placement.  We are happy to assist in any way and can often include pictures to help with placement if detailed instructions are not available.

How do I prepare my vehicle for decal application?
Graphics should be applied indoors or in a shaded, dust free, wind free environment with a temperature range between 70°F and 90°F. Never apply graphics in direct sunlight. Allow fresh paint to cure for a minimum of three days before applying graphics. Make sure the application surface is clean, contaminate and wax free (by using PRE-APP® pre-application surface cleaner or by applying a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to a damp, lint-free cloth and wiping the surface clean).

Is Slide-On Application Gel better than soapy water?
Absolutely. Our SLIDE-ON® Application Gel was formulated specifically for the application of automotive graphics. It has many advantages over soapy water including but not exclusive to: being pre-mixed, it allows more time to position graphic and helps eliminate bubbles and wrinkles. Also, dishwashing detergents and similar soaps contain additives such as silicone, emulsifiers, moisturizers and perfumes, all of which are detrimental to an adhesive.

How long will my decals last?
We use the highest quality materials available for all of our products. As long as they are properly maintained, your decals will look great for many, many, years.

Can I wax my decals?
No. Always wax around your vinyl graphics. Wax can degrade the finish of the graphics over time.

Is there a product I can use to help maintain the fresh, new look of my graphics?
Yes! Our SLIDE-OVER® UV Protectant restores luster, repels dust, dirt, grime and acts as a UV barrier against the sun's harmful rays.


Will wrinkles in the top premask layer stay in my decal after it's applied?
No. Wrinkles in the premask are very common and will have no affect on the decal after application.

What do I do if the graphic is lifting off with the premask transfer tape when I try to remove it?
Squeegee it back down and wait longer before attempting to remove the premask. With some transfer tapes, more time is needed for the application fluid to evaporate. Make sure the graphic is firmly bonded to the surface prior to removing the premask.

The premask is strongly bonded to my decal, how can I remove this stubborn tape?
Occasionally you'll get a decal to which the premask is firmly bonded. You may find it easier to remove the premask by ripping into smaller pieces instead of trying to take it all off in one piece. It may also be helpful to apply application fluid to the premask, letting it soak through and help relieve the bond between the mask and decal.

What do I do if there is glue left over on my graphic after the premask has been removed?
This is a common occurrence and there is no reason to panic. Applying a small amount of lighter fluid to a damp cloth and gently wiping the area can easily clean excess adhesive.

How do I remove tiny air bubbles?
You may use a pin to poke a tiny hole in the decal allowing air or fluid to escape. Most small bubbles will completely disappear on their own within several days. Allowing the vehicle to sit in the sun may speed up this process.

What happens if I accidentally get the backing paper wet before it's removed from the decal?
Remove it immediately. If water soaks through the backing paper and reacts with the adhesive on the decal, the graphic will be ruined.

The edges of my decal are lifting, how can I get them to lie back down? 
Lifting edges can be caused by the vinyl being stretched, not enough pressure when squeegeeing or contamination of the graphic or surface. A common cure is to apply more adhesive (glue stick) and firmly press decal/stripe back into place.

Need further help?
Call Phoenix Graphics phone number 480.941.4550  +Int: 1.800.941.4550 or download application instructions. (PDF Version)

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