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Kit Contents: Part #1984TA
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1984 Trans Am Hood Decal
  • 1 Hood bird ("Louvered" style)
  • 2 "5.0 Liter H.O." hood decals
  • 2 Trans Am fender names
  • 1 Trans Am rear bumper name
  • 2 Sail panel birds
  • 1 Front bumper Stripe
  • 2 Front fender front Stripes
  • 2 Front fender rear stripes
  • 2 Body side stripes
  • 2 Rear quarter panel rear stripes
  • 2 Rear bumper stripes
  • Squeegee & Instructions
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1983 and 1984 Trans Am continues the third generation Firebird and Trans Am. A new large hood bird graced the power buldge or hood scoop. The louvered hood bird and many of the same decals from 1982 are included. If you have a Recaro TA interior don't forget to get the door handle emblem set.

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1984 Trans Am Kit (includes everything above)$219
1984 Louvered Style Trans Am Hood Bird Only$119
1984 Trans Am Stripe Kit Only$139
Set of 2 Sailbirds & 1 Nosebird only (3 pieces (Gold, Silver or Black))$39
1982-84 12-inch Front of Hood Nosebird Only (Gold, Silver or Black)$29 w/kit
$39 w/o kit
1982-87 Fuel Injection Door Handle Emblem Insert Set (Gold/Black) (P/N ED8287FI)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1982-84 "Recaro T/A" Door Handle Emblem Insert Set (Gold/Black) (P/N ED8284RTA)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit

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