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1978 Pontiac Trans Am Assembly Line Decal Kit

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  Part #1978TECH

1978 Pontiac Trans Am Assembly Line Decal KitWhen cars were assembled at the factory each part had a part number and "code" so assembly line workers knew which engine, suspension, ignition, wiring harness, distributor, etc. to use on your car. These codes match the codes on the original build-sheet and the build-sheet reveals which options were installed. Different numbers and codes existed depending on your vehicle's options.

We are providing to you an Assembly Line Decal Kit for a 1978 Trans Am. It is the culmination of over two year's research and is documented to be 100% correct to the originals. Strict measures were taken to insure precise decal dimensions, pantone color, font and specific markings.

Each set includes over 40 individual decals covering: Brakes, Power Steering, Engine, Throttle, Vacuum, Ignition, and Suspension. They are vinyl coated decals with an adhesive back and are die cut for easy peel and stick. No cutting necessary!

Because not every car came with the same options, not all came with the same decals. Some categories include multiple decals that you will need to verify against your build sheet and/or car options before application. For example, where applicable, we have included decals for both the WS6 and non WS6 vehicles and the W72 and non W72 vehicles. All tags are noted so you know where they go.

Don't let an opportunity like this go by. You see attention to detail becoming more and more important as these cars continue to increase in value. While other kits may exist, Phoenix Graphix offers and supports ONLY this kit. Phoenix Graphix - a name you can trust!

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1978 Pontiac Trans Am Assembly Line Decal Kit (includes everything above)$99
Discontinued1978 GM Technical Decal Kit (12-23 pieces) 

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