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1991-93 Dodge Dakota Truck

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1991-93 Dodge Dakota Truck
Kit Contents: Part #9193DD
(plus color code)
  • 2 Fender Stripes
  • 2 Door Stripes
  • 2 Cab Stripes
  • 2 Bed Stripes
  • 1 Liftgate Stripe
  • 1 "DODGE" Tailgate Name
  • 1 "4 X 4" Rear Tailgate Decal
  • Squeegee & Instructions

Color Choices:Color Code

Bright Red1 (1991-92)Red1

Bright Red2 (1993)Red2

Bright Blue1 (1991)Blue Metallic

Bright Blue2 (1993)Blue

Red/Brown (1991)Maroon

Spice (1992-93)Bronze

Medium Green (1993)Green

You're looking here because you pride your ride but don't want to spend a fortune making it look like it. You found the place. A classic truck without its bling is just a truck.

This 1991 1992 1993 Dodge Dakota Truck 11-piece 1-Inch Pin Stripe and Large Name Decals are a Mopar Authentic Restoration Product. Offered in correct, original OEM colors. For the price of lunch, get a kit that brings you pride every time you ride. Got a 4X4? No worries, 4X4 included free; a $19 value! We use High Performance, Automotive Grade, 2ml, Cast Vinyl ensuring the highest quality possible.

Buy from a name you trust - Phoenix Graphix!

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1991-93 Dodge Dakota Truck Stripe and Decal Kit (includes everything above)$99
1987-96 "DODGE" Tailgate Name 30" (Red, Blue, Maroon, Bronze, Green, Charcoal, Black, White, Silver) (P/N DTK107)$39
"4 X 4" Tailgate Upper Decal (Red, Blue, Maroon, Bronze, Green, Charcoal, Black, White, Silver) (P/N 9199DD44)$19
1987-96 "DODGE" Tailgate Name 30" (Reflective Red) (P/N DTK107)$49

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