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1988-00 Chevrolet/Chevy and GMC Trucks 3-Band Stripe CK1500/2500/3500 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon

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1988-00 Chevrolet/Chevy and GMC Trucks 3-Band Stripe CK1500/2500/3500 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon
Kit Contents: Part #8894GMT3B
(plus color code)
  • 2 Fender Stripes with Elbows
  • 2 Door Stripes
  • 2 Box/Bed Stripes
  • 1 Tailgate Stripe
  • Squeegee & Instructions

1988-94 Colors
Color Choices:Color Code

Brt.Orange/Dk.BrownLt.Orange/Brown Met.

Vermillion/Garnet Met.Orange/Maroon


Vermillion/Beige Met.Orange/Beige Met.


Lt. Blue/Dk. Blue Met.Lt Blue/Dk Blue Met.

Lt.Blue/Slate Met.Lt.Blue/Silver

Lt.Teal Met./SilverTeal Met./Silver

Teal Met./BlackTeal Met./Black

Gunmetal/SilverGunmetal/Silver (1988-97)

Gold/BlackGold/Black (1988-99)




Lt.Beige/Dk. Brown Met.Tan/Dk. Brown Met.

Cognac/Lt. BeigeCaramel/Tan

Lt. Beige/CognacTan/Caramel

Note: Second color named is middle stripe-color.
1994-00 Colors
Color Choices:Color Code

Gold/Victory RedGold/Red (1992-95)

Silver/Victory RedSilver/Red (1994-99)

Charcoal/Victory RedCharcoal/Red (1994-99)

Lt. Cherry Red/ Dk.Cherry Met.Lt. Cherry Red/ Dk. Cherry Met. (1996)

Lt. Autumnwood/ Dk. AutumwoodLt. Tan Met./ Lt. Brown Met. (1994-97)

Quasar Blue Met./SilverQ. Blue Met./Silver (1994-99)

Lt.Indigo Met./ Dk.Indigo Met.Baby Blue Met./ Navy Blue Met. (1996-97)

Dk.Indigo/Lt.IndigoNavy Blue Met./ Baby Blue Met. (1997)

Silver/IndigoSilver/Navy Blue Met. (1997-98)

Lt.Teal/SilverLt.Teal/Silver (1996-99)

Teal Metallic/BlackTeal Met./Black (1997)

Lt. Emerald Green Met/ Emerald Green Met.Lt. Emerald Green/ Emerald Green Met. (1996)

Green/SilverGreen Met./Silver (1997)

Silver/GreenSilver/Green Met. (1997-00)

Gunmetal/PewterDkr.Gunmetal/DkSilver (1997-00)

Pewter/GunmetalDk.Silver/Dkr.Gunmetal (1997-00)

Beige Met./BlackBeige Met./Black (1997-00)

Med.Gold/Dk.GoldMed. Gold/Dk. Gold (1997-00)

Note: Years shown are approximate

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Chevrolet/Chevy and GMC Truck Decals Stripes add accenting colors and are produced to exact OEM colors. These GM Restoration Parts stripes are a three-band stripe color for Blazer, Jimmy, Silverado, Sierra, Suburban and Dually. All two-tone painted trucks require these stripes to cover the paint lines. Stripes are produced to exact OEM colors and manufactured with High Performance, Automotive Grade, 2ml, cast vinyl. They are then covered with High Gloss, protective laminate, just like original. Save over 60% off last GM pricing and get a set today.

GM used truck colors that often again reappear in later years under different names and trim-codes. Sometimes they're exactly the same color(s); sometimes only a mild change in hue. Thus, applicable years are approximate.

We use factory names. We use descriptive words. We indicate Met (metallic) when applies. We use Lt (light) & Dk (dark) where helpful. Together, stripes are decoded better than GM!

Buy from a name you trust - Phoenix Graphix!

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1988-00 Chevrolet/Chevy and GMC Truck 3-Band Stripe Kit (includes everything above)$169
1988-2000 Chevrolet/Chevy Fleetside Truck Tailgate Name (3.75" tall)
(P/N GMT218) (Silver, Charcoal)
$39 ea. w/ Kit
$59 ea. w/o Kit
1990-91 "Bowtie-Chevrolet" Fleetside Truck Tailgate Name (4" X 46")
(P/N GMT208) (Silver/Red, Charcoal/Red)
$49 ea. w/ Kit
$69 ea. w/o Kit
1992-93 "Bowtie-Chevrolet" Fleetside Truck Tailgate Name (2-3/4" X 33")
(P/N GMT209) (Silver/Red, Charcoal/Red)
$39 ea. w/ Kit
$59 ea. w/o Kit
1993-98 'Chevrolet' Truck Tailgate Name (1.25" tall)
(P/N GMT213) (Silver, Charcoal)
$19 ea. w/ Kit
$29 ea. w/o Kit
1982-90 GMC Truck Tailgate Name (2.75" tall)
(P/N GMT217) (Multicolored)
$19 ea. w/ Kit
$39 ea. w/o Kit
1985-91 GMC Truck Tailgate Name (1.6" tall)
(P/N GMT224) (Red, White, Black)
$19 ea. w/ Kit
$29 ea. w/o Kit
1988-00 Chevy/GMC "4X4" Silverado/Sierra Bedside Decal Set (4.5" X 17") (pair) (P/N 8800GMT4X4) (Silver/Red, Charcoal/Red)$19/pair w/ Kit
$29/pair w/o Kit
1999-07 Chevy/GMC "4X4" Silverado/Sierra Bedside Decal Set (4.5" X 13" ) (pair) (P/N 9907GMT4X4) (Silver/Red/Charcoal; 1-color choice)$29/pair w/ Kit
$39/pair w/o Kit

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