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1982-84 CAMARO Z28

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1982-84 CAMARO Z281982-84 CAMARO Z28
Kit Contents: Part #8284Z
(plus color code)
1982-84 Camaro Z28 Hood Blackout Decals

CrossFire Injection
"Cross-Fire Injection" Fender/Bumper
Decals available

5.0 Liter H.O. Rocker and Rear Panel Decals
"5.0 Liter H.O." Rocker Panel &
Rear Bumper Decals available
  • 2 Hood blackout decals
  • 2 Front bumper stripes
  • 2 Front fender stripes
  • 2 Door stripes
  • 2 Rear quarter panel stripes
  • 2 Rear bumper stripes
    ("5.0 Liter H.O." sold separately)
  • Squeegee & Instructions
Color Choices:Color Code

Medium Gold/Light Gold/Black (1982)Gold-A

Medium Gold/Light Gold/Black (1983-84)Gold-B

Medium Silver/Light Silver/BlackSilver

Medium Charcoal/Light Charcoal/BlackCharcoal

Medium Orange/Light Orange/BlackOrange

Medium Red/Light Red/BlackMaroon

Medium Blue/Light Blue/Black (1982)Blue

Med. Blue Metallic/Light Blue Metallic/Black (1982)Blue Metallic-A

Med. Blue Metallic/Light Blue Metallic/Black (1983-84)Blue Metallic-B

1982 1983 1984 Camaro Z28 Third Generation by Chevrolet General Motors had many decals and stripes kit. Fast and sleek this GM Restoration Parts decal kit is produced the highest OEM standards. The pre-molded stripes are a breeze because they are exactly like the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Printed for true OEM Color

Remember to add optional decals for your engine upgrade; 5.0 Liter H.O.; or, Tuned Port Injection.

Z28 Rocker Panel and Rear Bumper Emblems inexpensively brings your vehicle back to its original appearance.

Buy now from a name you trust - Phoenix Graphix.

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1982-84 Camaro Z28 Decal Kit (includes everything above)$189
1982 Camaro Z28 3-Piece Rocker/Rear Bumper Emblem Name Kit (includes 3 Z28 emblems) (Gold, Silver, Orange or Blue)$69 w/kit
$79 w/o kit
1983-84 Camaro Z28 3-Piece Rocker/Rear Bumper Emblem Name Kit (includes 2 Z28 Emblems, 1 Z28 Emblem w/ Bowtie) (Gold, Silver, Orange, Red or Blue)$69 w/kit
$79 w/o kit
1982-83 "Cross-Fire Injection" Rocker Panel Decals (pair) (Black or Silver)$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1983-86 "5.0 Liter H.O." Rocker Panel Decals (pair) (Black [1983-84] or Silver [1985-86 only])$19 w/kit
$29 w/o kit
1983-86 "5.0 Liter H.O." Rear Bumper Decal (Black [1983-84] or Silver [1985-86 only])$10 w/kit
$19 w/o kit
1984-85 Camaro 5.0 Liter H.O. Air Cleaner Decal (5-color) (P/N 848550ACD)$19 w/Kit
$29 w/o kit

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