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1970 LeMans, GT-37 & GTO D98 Stripe Kit

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1970 LeMans, GT-37 & GTO D98 Stripe Kit
Kit Contents: Part #1969JDG-1
(plus color code)
Ram Air IV decal
  • 2 Front fender stripes
  • 2 Door stripes
  • 2 Rear quarter panel stripes
  • Squeegee & Instructions

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Any 1970 LeMans, non-Judge, could be factory ordered with this D98 Body Stripe Kit. This stripe kit was applied to; LeMans base models, GT-37* and GTO.

The list of engine options for the 1970 Lemans/Tempest was lengthy. Because of these awesome engines new discoveries of these vehicles are rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. Many of these rarer models are being sought after in a large way and are now being preserved and restored.

We accurately produce this stripe kit and GT-37 decals to help you in that restoration. Anyone could discover one of these sleeper vehicles. These little known jewels often have an engine making them a profit center or a prize keeper.

NOTE: In 1970, GT-37 was an option available only on the Tempest (T-37). It had the performance of a GTO without the cost. VIN first three digits must be 233 to be a Tempest (T-37) and a 250 Six cylinder was standard. With the GT-37 a 350/2bbl was standard; and 400/2bbl or 400/4bbl were optional engines upgrades.

The GT-37 package included; Chrome-tipped GTO dual exhausts extending through panels beneath the rear bumpers, Floor mounted three-speed transmission, Rally II wheels shod with G70-14 white letter tires, Hood hold down pins with cables, Vinyl body stripes and special GT-37 identification.

*Any 1970 LeMans, non-Judge, could order this stripe kit (D98); LeMans base model, GT-37, GTO

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1970 LeMans GT-37 & GTO D98 Stripe Kit (includes everything above)$159
"Ram Air (IV)" Decals (Pair) (Black, White, Red)$19 w/ Kit
$29 w/o Kit
1970 GT-37 Fender/Deck Decal Set (3 pcs) (P/N 1970GT37)$29 w/ Kit
$39 w/o Kit
1970 T-37 Fender Decal Set (pair) (P/N 1970T37)$39
 1970 GM Technical Decal Kit (12-23 pieces)$189

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