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1982-86 Camaro 5.0 LITRE Emblem Kit

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1982-86 Camaro 5.0 LITRE Emblem Kit
Gold   Silver
Kit Contents: Part #ED828650L
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  • 1 "5.0 LITRE" Rocker Emblem (2 required)

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1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 General Motors Chevrolet third generation Camaro “5.0 LITRE” engines were revolutionary. GM used decals, stripes and emblems to claim their history.

Phoenix Graphix GlassCaps® are polyurethane adhesive emblems that return your vehicle to showroom condition inexpensively. Extremely shiny and glossy, these rocker panel and rear bumper emblem decals are GM Restoration Parts produced to the highest standards.

Just like GM the finest quality materials are used.

Beware of others' acrylic pieces. Acrylic yellows, cracks, peels and delaminates. They are cheaper to make and are no comparison to Phoenix Graphix Glass Caps®.

Our colors are vibrant and pop. Our artwork is crisp and defined. Other IROC-Z product look Flintstone cartoon-like; not GM Restoration quality. Be aware.

Our rear bumper fascia emblem decals are exact in every way to original GM.

The two rocker panel emblems on every 1982-92 third-gen Camaro are a two-piece unit. There is the black back-plate and the plexiglas emblem insert. Only the clear insert with graphic is important because it gets sand blasted, cracks, fades, breaks off and is generally toasted by time.

This is the piece you need to replace. The black back-plate is indestructible. It is sheltered and generally only a "carrier" or mounting plate for the beautiful, extremely high gloss Glass Caps® insert.

Glass Caps® are universal. They fit within or over backing plates formerly housing "Camaro", "5.0 Litre", "IROC-Z" or "RS" inserts!

Glass Caps® are color-interchangeable. Have a blue emblem but want a gold, buy gold and just stick-on over the blue emblem for a perfect new gold emblem OEM result!

Universal, interchangeable and inexpensive. No need to remove existing emblems from the rocker panel, just stick-on in place for a perfect OEM result.

Save time, money and labor with Glass Caps®. Buy individually or save more and buy the set.

Phoenix Graphix; a name you trust!

Please Note: Rocker Panel Backing Plates not included.

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1982-86 Chevrolet Camaro 5.0 LITRE Emblem (2 required)$24.50 ea.

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